Agitsi Stained Glass,llc

Agitsi Stained Glass,llc


Stained Glass Art Studio we sell Supplies, Art, and Teach Classes. Located in Sand Springs, Oklahoma 

Location  Sand Springs/ Prattville
Location Sand Springs/ Prattville


Stained Glass Class 

We have a great selection of classes.

Visit Eventbrite for our Make and Take classes (redeem gift certificates)

Contact us by email or phone ( text or call) to sign up for Open Studio 6 week class or reserve a private group. 

Youth Classes or Private sessions available. We are  Epic Charter school vendor. 

Our glass studio offers social distancing,  private glass workstations, Beginner Friendly, Masks Required. Check out our student gallery

Spectrum, Van Gogh, WISSMACH, Bullseye, many more Art and Fusable
Spectrum, Van Gogh, WISSMACH, Bullseye, many more Art and Fusable

Stained Glass by the sheet

We have a beautiful selection of stained glass sold by the sheet.

Fusible, Art Glass, Iridescent 

Stained Glass Supplies
Stained Glass Supplies

Stained Glass Supplies 

Copper Foil, Glass Cutters, Solder, and more 

Art by Local Artists 

Visit our store to find the perfect gift. We support multiple talented artists. Check them out below.
Cherokee Copper,  Cherokee Artist
Cherokee Copper, Cherokee Artist

Cherokee Copper

 Authentic Modern Native American Jewelry Rooted in Tradition

Cherokee Copper is celebrating 5 years of sharing culture with customers. Greg Stice is the artist behind Cherokee Copper and he makes authentic modern Native American jewelry that is rooted in tradition.for the person looking to make meaningful connections to Cherokee culture.

To visit their website click ->>>>Cherokee Copper


Steve's Scrollwork, Cherokee Artist 

.. Steve's Scrollwork,   His work has been selling like crazy!!! You see something you want, you better get over the river and through the woods to Agitsi Stained Glass you These are great for shipping too. Priced $10 to $200. We have tribal feathers, phone stands, Christmas Ornaments.

You can also order personalized work as well. Check out his Etsy

Mesmoe Art,  Cherokee Artist
Mesmoe Art, Cherokee Artist

Shirts,  Cards, Stickers 

Mesmoe Art • Cherokee Artist •  
  Every child that comes in stops at this spot! Shirts, Cards, and Stickers make for a great gift combination. Jenna's favorite shirt is her Turtle shirt, Logan begged his mom for a mountain sticker..... you can't go wrong here. Priced $2.50 to $25. See her story, click here to go to her website or stop by to see in person.